Places to visit in Salasar Balaji Temple

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So, firstly let's know a little bit about this Sacred place, the best time to visit, no. Of days required to do things there and so and so.

A true devotee spot, Salasar Balaji temple

Salasar Balaji temple is a holy Hindu pilgrimage holding religious significance for Lord Hanuman's devotees. This holy place is located in Salasar town in Rajasthan, founded and build by Mohandas Ji Maharaja in 1745 AD. It took 2 years to build with the beautiful carving of marble.

Well, history claims that the temple first was discovered by a farmer of Asota. While plowing in his field, he found an idol covered with sand and later his wife came cleaned it, identified and determined that Lord Hanuman also well known as Balaji in northern parts of India. They both bowed their heads with all their devotion and started worshipping Lord Balaji. After a while, this news got spread in the village of Asota immediately. After this, in no time this place got famed among the people and become one of the holy places for Hindu.

Now, this holy place is visited by innumerable devotees throughout the year and renowned by many names as Tetarwal Gotra by the people of Tetarwal ki Dhani and Gandas Gotra by the village of Ganda ki Dhani. You know what Around six to seven lakhs people gather here to pay their homage to the creator.


Coconut tying and Savanami are the rituals widely followed by the people here. Coconut tying is where people tie Moli with coconuts in the attainment of their wish is fulfilled. On the other hand, Savanami offering food to their diety (50 kg food) and pays their honor Several delicious dishes are prepared like Daal, Bhati, Boondi, Churma, Laddu, and many others. First, it offered to the divine and later it is distributed among people and the needy.

Things to do here

Well, Numerous regular activities you can do here and pay your homage to the deity and make your heart at peace.

  1. First and foremost to worship the God ( Lord Hanuman )
  2. Recitation of the holy book Ramayan, kirtan and Bhajans.
  3. On fixed time slot, performing Aarti.
  4. Feasting for Bharmins.
  5. Preparing for Savanamis.
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